INSTITUTE OF JURIDICAL RESEARCH “Acad. Andrei Rădulescu”
                                               of the ROMANIAN ACADEMY
Juridical statute: legal person of public law,  institute of scientific research of the Romanian Academy;
Object of activity:
Fundamental and applied scientific research within the field of national law, comparative law, European law, international law;
Expert advice during the elaboration and enforcing the normative acts;
Periodical publishing, treatises, monographs, collections of studies regarding diverse aspects of the legal theory and jurisprudence;
International cooperation in the field of interest.
Field of activity:
UNESCO Classification : 5/7 (UNESCO) 56.5605.99 (scientific research within all fields of national law and legislation, international law);
According to CAEN classification: 7220, research, development in social and human sciences (CDSSU);
Registration number in the Potential Contractor Register: 1697.
Organization and functioning
ICJ is led by a Scientific Council, presided by the Manager. Within the Institute are three departments: the Private Law Department “Traian Ionaşcu”, the Public Law Department “Vintilă Dongoroz” and the Center of European Law Studies (CSDE);
Director: prof.univ.dr. Mircea Duţu
-  Head of departments: Private Law: PhD Bogdan Patrascu;
                                       Public Law: PhD Alexandrina Serban;
                                       CSDE: PhD Mihai Sandru.
Library: 15.000 volumes, 200 periodicals
The Institute of Juridical Research (ICJ), (since 2006, Institute of Juridical Research “Acad”. Andrei Radulescu) of the Romanian Academy was established in 1954 and it is functioning, presently, as a single fundamental scientific research unit in the field of law at a national level. Its main goal represents the profound and systematic analysis of the juridical-legislative process in order to draw up and present both theoretical and fundamental conclusions regarding the essence, functions and the finality of the principles and juridical institutions, and applicative conclusions meant to facilitate the understanding the  meanings of law and the practical applying of law.  The fundamental scientific research domain contains all the fields of law: philosophy and sociology of law, constitutional law, administrative law, civil law, penal law, criminology, business law, labor law, copyright law, environment law, European law, international public law etc.;  in this context, ICJ participates at research programs of the Romanian Academy, particularly at those regarding the harmonization of the national law with the European law, analyzing and public debating the new codes, and other priorities in the field of law. The results of the conducted researches are published as monographs, treaties, collection of studies in Romanian or foreign publishing houses. A great number of works elaborated in the Institute were awarded with the Romanian Academy Award, awards from the professional associations, specialized periodicals, etc; Under the auspice of the Institute are published two juridical reviews: “Juridical Researches and Studies”, with abstracts in English and French and “Revue Roumaine des Science Juridiques”, in foreign languages.

Through its experts, the Institute offers specialized scientific advice to public authorities and interested institutions regarding different juridical aspects of the legislative process. The Institute is also a teaching center - academic, doctoral and post-doctoral; a great number of researchers have a rich teaching activity at the state and private universities, as associate professors. Also, within the doctoral school are being taught and specialized an important number of PhD students in law in the main domains of the law. The Institute’s researchers participate to post-doctoral study programs organized by the Romanian Academy. Another priority objective of the Institute is the development of the international scientific cooperation in the field of law. Its researchers participate to teaching programs, shared researching and forming programs at foreign universities or foreign research institutes, as invited teachers or associated researchers. In addition, they make important contributions to numerous international reunions organized by academies, universities, professional associations, specialized institutes etc. (congresses, colloquia, symposiums, conferences) on actual juridical problems.  A special place in this frame occupies the traditional “Franco-Romanian Juridical Days”, an event initiated and periodical organized by the Institute of Juridical Research and the French Comparative Legislation Society, since 1967, presently at the XVth edition. In the present, the scientific relations of the Institute with other foreign institutes, research centers and universities are amplified and diversified, approaching new aspects of comparative law, harmonization of our national law with the European law, the issue of law developing under globalization, the impact of new global technologies and phenomenon on the juridical world. In the same time, the Institute has an exchange protocol with foreign research institutes regarding published periodicals.